During a conversation with my roommate over dinner, when she asked me how my life was, I replied along the lines of academic work, the usual. Then when I remembered and told her an interesting event that had happened to me last week: my English professor asking me if I ever thought of wanting to be a writing assistant for a class in the future, and I made a comment out loud saying that I was shocked and surprised myself. The latter action did not cover up what I sensed (if it was me on the receiving end), a response eliciting congratulations but rather, possibly jealousy since her response wasn’t exactly “good for you”. So from what had happened, I came to maybe a oversimplified conclusion that when people don’t have events occurring in their life that can be equally congratulated, or wished well on both ends, I guess those are the people you have to look out for.. cause I only have a few that can wish me well when I tell them of such news and I’m grateful for those that support me, in a way. From the way I see it, can only be black and white, support or don’t support. If it’s in between, isn’t that just plain two-facing? There was also another series of events that I can go on to talk that is similar to and can be related to my conclusion.. but maybe some other time when my headache subsides and work lessens..


Long week before a break

Contemplating about the long week ahead. A microecon midterm coming up in addition to two days in a row for essay revision. And 130 pages of reading due tomorrow. Still got to get a replacement social security card.. After this week is a three day weekend, going back home finally. Really need a break to watch whatever I want and just slug around, be lazy. Currently reading Sweet Thursday, the 130 pages due tomorrow is for a reading group. Which leads me to why I took time out to blog/rant. Doc, a character from the book contemplates about his life after coming back from the military. The two words that stands out for me is wonder & impatience. They describe what I feel sometimes.. Wondering about how things would be different if I did something another way & impatience because I sometimes just want to be done with homework and not let it control my life, restricting the freedom I should have as a youngster to do anything.