Long week before a break

Contemplating about the long week ahead. A microecon midterm coming up in addition to two days in a row for essay revision. And 130 pages of reading due tomorrow. Still got to get a replacement social security card.. After this week is a three day weekend, going back home finally. Really need a break to watch whatever I want and just slug around, be lazy. Currently reading Sweet Thursday, the 130 pages due tomorrow is for a reading group. Which leads me to why I took time out to blog/rant. Doc, a character from the book contemplates about his life after coming back from the military. The two words that stands out for me is wonder & impatience. They describe what I feel sometimes.. Wondering about how things would be different if I did something another way & impatience because I sometimes just want to be done with homework and not let it control my life, restricting the freedom I should have as a youngster to do anything.