Where you go and what you…

Where you go and what you do is an extension of your personality.


“I would rather have a …

“I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.”

Gerry Spence

Curiosity can push us beyond our beliefs, but what if sometimes our beliefs are stubborn, what then?


During a conversation with my roommate over dinner, when she asked me how my life was, I replied along the lines of academic work, the usual. Then when I remembered and told her an interesting event that had happened to me last week: my English professor asking me if I ever thought of wanting to be a writing assistant for a class in the future, and I made a comment out loud saying that I was shocked and surprised myself. The latter action did not cover up what I sensed (if it was me on the receiving end), a response eliciting congratulations but rather, possibly jealousy since her response wasn’t exactly “good for you”. So from what had happened, I came to maybe a oversimplified conclusion that when people don’t have events occurring in their life that can be equally congratulated, or wished well on both ends, I guess those are the people you have to look out for.. cause I only have a few that can wish me well when I tell them of such news and I’m grateful for those that support me, in a way. From the way I see it, can only be black and white, support or don’t support. If it’s in between, isn’t that just plain two-facing? There was also another series of events that I can go on to talk that is similar to and can be related to my conclusion.. but maybe some other time when my headache subsides and work lessens..