Before I have tried to blog but somehow didn’t manage to do it daily or weekly or monthly.. and came to a stop. There’s so many good things that I can do with a blog, to retell my experiences and reflect upon them, learn and move on from them. And to improve my writing and expression of thoughts which will help with my communication skills. It will be a place that I hope to go to in order to help me grow as a person.

I’ll just jump-start into this world today.

For instance there have been lots of events happening around me. Yesterday & today, I’ve been wanting to start one again since last summer. Since I’m writing an essay right now, and is stuck, why not start a blog now and write so that maybe I’ll get out of my writer’s block.

Here’s a brief list of what happened today:

  • I applied for a job today
  • I heard from my roommate that my other roommate used something of mine: eternet cable, but I didn’t give permission to the other roommate to use it. It may seem like something small, but what if this happens again? I would most definitely don’t appreciate or want that.
  • A “friend” of mine was so rude. She told me that she will tell me something later, but that meant that I had to eavesdrop in her conversation towards another girl (since she was facing the other girl), like I wasn’t even there. In addition, when discussing plans for the weekend with the other girl, she didn’t even think of including me when I was just sitting next to the other girl. Rude much?

Tomorrow will be another day, hopefully it’ll be better than today.


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